What is Tickr?

Tickr is a revolutionary new app that utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to extract valuable insights from token names. Despite the abundance of apps and websites that offer analytical data on token price, liquidity, and market capitalization, financial service providers have neglected the most basic piece of information of all: the token's name.
Tickr solves this problem by providing a comprehensive analysis of new tokens based on their names or tickers. Utilizing NLP (Natural Language Processing), the app provides a user-friendly approach for identifying potential successes and failures, recognizing patterns, tracking trends, and detecting scams.

Why Tickr?

The crypto market is expanding at an unprecedented rate, with an overwhelming number of tokens and cryptocurrencies to choose from. Sorting through the options to find the most promising investments can be a daunting task. Tickr is here to help. Our platform offers a detailed examination of new tokens based on their names or tickers. By utilizing NLP (Natural Language Processing), Tickr offers an easy-to-use interface that helps investors identify potential successes, uncover patterns, track trends, and avoid scams. With Tickr, make your investment decisions with confidence.
Last modified 8mo ago